Schmeckt Cooking: Tuna, sour cream and chive dip

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This is a super easy-peasy dip that you can whip up when you’re expecting visitors or take to someone’s house for a barbie. Everyone I’ve served it to has loved it and I think the horseradish cream adds a nice little zing to it.

I prefer to serve it well chilled but quite often forget to factor this in. I have resorted to refrigerating the tuna when I buy it so it’s ready to go and/or stuck it in the freezer for 15 minutes!

*Tuna, sour cream and chive dip

125 gram packet of cream cheese, softened (I used low fat)

185 gram tuna chunks in olive oil, drained

1 tablespoon of horseradish cream

1 tablespoon of lemon juice

1/4 cup (60 grams) sour cream (I used low fat)

pinch caster sugar

2 tablespoons of freshly chopped chives

1/2 teaspoon of finely grated lemon zest

cracked black pepper

  1. Blend or process cream cheese, tuna, horseradish, lemon juice, sour cream and sugar until smooth.
  2. Stir in chives, zest and pepper
  3. Sprinkle dip with extra chives, a twist of pepper and a little more lemon zest

Chill and serve with crusty bread, crackers or vegetable sticks.

* Adapted from the Australian Women’s Weekly Picnics cookbook which looks like it has been discontinued. I love this book and recommend it for entertaining if you can get your hands on a cheap copy.

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