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I mentioned in my last post that we recently moved from Canberra to Sydney. Although I was born in Canberra, the past four years was the first time I had lived there as an adult, I got to know a different side to the city which is often derided for it’s lack of entertainment and soul. Canberra has so much more to offer than pot, porn and politics – and it’s not fireworks (the sale of which is now illegal) or the roundabouts (they’re not really that exciting..)

So, I was thrilled to be invited by ACT Tourism to be one of the humans on the Food and Wine stream for their Human Brochure campaign. As far as tourism campaigns go I think engaging 500 humans to visit a city and giving them carte blanche to write whatever they felt and thought about the experience is a pretty groundbreaking and brave idea.

I know that some had concerns that the treatment we got as “humans” was pretty exceptional and out of the ordinary for the average tourist.

Yes, we were treated exceptionally well and had access to engaging and charming hosts, tables groaning with beautiful food and a never empty wine glass. Yet, having lived in Canberra previously and visited some of the same places (Poachers Pantry, Realm Hotel, Museum of Democracy, the War Memorial) under my own steam I can honestly say that the service and quality of products I have paid for myself is very comparable to what I was lucky enough to experience on the #HumanBrochure weekend.

Tips for enjoying a visit to Canberra

  • Forget your preconceptions and visit with an open mind
  • Ask a local for advice on where to go and what to do or check out the Visit Canberra website
  • Stay in a central location so that you can walk to most of the cultural attractions or make sure you have access to some transport if you are off the main drag
  • Don’t compare Canberra to Sydney, Melbourne or even Brisbane – don’t even compare them to each other – they are all so different, you’ll go a bit potty doing that
  • Revel in the architecture, the seemingly endless blue skies, the access to so many cultural institutions, the fact that you are in a small city with big city attractions

More posts on the food, food, food, wine, wine, wine to follow!



  1. LOVED seeing your pics from the weekend. A little “home” sick :p

    • Canberra, it’s a sneaky little sausage, sneaking into your soul 😉

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